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Ken Rosenberg | Lance Vance† | "Big" Mitch Baker | Avery Carrington† | Phil Cassidy | Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez | Ricardo Diaz† | Dick | Sonny Forelli† | Kent Paul | Percy | Auntie Poulet | Umberto Robina | Steve Scott | Jezz Torrent | Mr.

Black | Earnest Kelly Franco Carter† | Mercedes Cortez | Cougar | Mrs.

In 1986, Torrent is first seen at one of Juan Cortez's parties, alongside two women.

Torrent, alongside Kent Paul, Dick, Percy and Willy, later hired Tommy Vercetti to do some work for them, including the task of bringing Mercedes Cortez to them and buying some drugs for themselves, called "Love Juice".

Last week, DJ Snake was selected as one of Skream and Benga’s Future Stars and was allowed to take over their BBC Radio 1 show to play his very own Essential Mix.

This two hour mix is full of trap music bangers including his unreleased collaboration with Diplo .

This helps spot leaks early and also identify the source of the leak, according to Torrent Freak.

The Kodi surge continues without any sign of stopping, as users continue to ditch paid TV services for the online player.The fix is something called dynamic range compression, and it's available in VLC.You may have to play around with the settings a bit, but in general, here are some good settings to tweak (courtesy of some fellows over at Reddit): Now try watching your movie.Research has suggested Kodi - which offers access to thousands of channels - is being used in more than five million British homes.Kodi software is not illegal, but developers can produce third-party add-ons that provide free access to pirated and illegal content.

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