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It is prime time and a catchy commercial beams the TV screen, and there goes a picture of a gorgeous damsel, her seductive dare white eyes piercing right into your heart. Forget the University Divas for Rich Men last year’s popular online dating buzz, telephone dating and fling hook-ups is the new dating craze in town, a new frontier that has provided thousands of Pulsers an opportunity to hook up with their dream dates through calling and text dating services (or in the technical world the IVR-Interactive Voice Response and SMS Dating Service).

So if you are gay or maybe just bi-curious, these sites offer you ample opportunities to pursue your desires in absolute anonymity.

There is no commitment to go beyond the phase of online chatting, and it is only in the event that you find a mutual attraction that you can suggest meeting in real life.

Of course with caution, all first meetings should be in a public or social place.

For many people it appears far easier to take this first step in the privacy of your laptop or your phone than to walk up to some stranger in the gym or in your class and start a chat.

And of course your choice of getting a potential dating partner through this avenue is much greater.

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