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Add to that a great personality and sense of humor..the whole exotic Canadian in England thing, and you've got a guaranteed recipe for success in the dating game.But somehow it didn't seem to be enough and every few weeks or so we'd have the same conversation about how the woman in question was great..there was just something missing. "Ha ha ha, very funny." She smiles briefly as she flicks an elastic band at me.But the judge said: “The aggravating features are the background of serious public disorder and your part in that.” Zahid Hussain, prosecuting, said: “Those who reside in London, and far afield, have noticed and witnessed during the past week the sight of riots, public disorder and looting. “The prosecution submit that this defendant has contributed through his actions and criminal conduct to the atmosphere of both chaos and sheer lawlessness.” The court heard that Robinson had spent Sunday evening with his girlfriend and on his way home at around 2.40am went into the Lidl’s store as it was looted, where he was spotted by officers with the water. Hind Ibrahim, defending, said Robinson had just completed the first year of a two-year college course in electrical engineering for which he has been receiving a small maintenance grant.

but I know the other are by far my favourite." I can tell from her tone that she's amused and sure enough when I look up there's a toothy smile on her gorgeous face. " I answer, trying desperately not to smile back at her as I recognise that look and realise I'm about to be buttered up for something. " "You are, but at..." I pause to check my watch "..thirty-three in the morning you wanting to talk to me usually means that you want something. " "Actually, it's not about a girl this time." I raise a skeptical eyebrow, I'd worked for Dr Shepard, or Kate as she insisted I call her, for almost eight months now after a previous consultant in the department had retired (I'd also been crazy about her for approximately seven months, three weeks, four days and roughly an hour...) and in that time she'd been on so many dates that I'd lost count.

When I breached the subject with Kate her only advice was to 'act as if she were actually my girlfriend' which was all well and good but if I was being completely honest I needed there to be a line I couldn't cross. "Oh, right, yeah." Blushing furiously, I lean in and softly brush her lips with mine.

There had to be something there to stop the relationship feeling real, to stop me from falling even more in love with her, and to stop the utter devastation I knew I'd go through when it was over and everything went back to normal... As requested I arrived at Kate's house just before seven on Friday night. She seems on the verge of making some sort of joke at my embarrassment but catches herself just in time.

All I need to do is find a woman to play the part of my loving girlfriend for the month that they'll be here in the city, the last two weeks when we head down South should be ok..." "Jesus Kate," I sigh "you're an incredible doctor, but sometimes you really are an idiot. I can't see it helping you long term at all...and" " if it is doomed to failure it'll be my fault." She interrupts "It's me that'll have to deal with the consequences. "But I neeeeeed you." Kate whines following me across the room.

But I need to try something Erin, it's really starting to get to me now." "Well, what're you talking to me for then? "You're a beautiful woman Kate and you go on plenty of dates, I'm sure if you just called one of them up and told them the plan they'd jump at the chance to play crazy games with you.

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