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We have original advertisement wrapping paper from stores which have been out of business for over a century hanging on the walls in the depot and canceled train tickets (check out the Mt. We need the drapes pulled to keep these artifacts from fading. August 6, 2009 – Items of Interest Have you checked out the actual Republic of Texas currency in the frames on the walls in the downstairs of the Fire Station Museum? Vernon – 32 pages of history – with ghost reports – edited by Jean Ann Marshall. Fresnos and slips used before modern bulldozers to dig out pools and to excavate road drainage. We have Mc Cormicks that should be painted back to their original red and yellow paint.That money would have been used in the village of Mt. Be sure your children see it when you pass through the building. We have John Deere equipment that should be painted green and yellow.

Hicks, President of the Franklin County Historical Association June 1, 2009 – On the Wilkinson Library We have a great new resource in the Wilkinson Library at the fire station museum.And putting a short identification of what the piece is and what it was used for, together with the picture, in a Plexiglas holder mounted on a post by the equipment.Jimmy and Rita Hughes of the Sweete Shoppe have offered to give us some more horse-drawn equipment. We need to do some conservation on the pieces we have: get them painted and maybe install some new wood. We can pay for the posts and Plexiglas once a volunteer comes up with the plan for the exhibit and explanation. Who has an interest in working up the equipment and perhaps telling the stories? For several pieces of the equipment which my family gave we even have the original bills of sale and purchase documents (leave it to my pack ratting heritage).The quilters in our organization charge according to the size and complexity of the quilt and also, I think, according to other factors such as whether repairs are required and whether extra work is needed to finish out the quilt. In terms of finances: the city gives us something over ,000.00 per year, and the county over ,000.00.We watch utility expenses carefully and we scrimp by with all our operations.

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Check with our librarian to coordinate a time to allow you access to the research facility in the fire station. These local newspapers add value to our research library. Vernon - President Garry Romines had called in before the last posting went out. I do think that a lot of the blacksmith tools have been pilfered over the last few years. And perhaps we can locate some of the other tools and secure the building.

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