Matlab validating inputs with input parser

On parse, default values are set for unspecified object properties.

Sometimes an object is used for arbitrary key-value mapping, also called a dictonary or a map.

When you save the m-file, you should give it exactly the same name as the function name in the header.

(If there is a conflict between the filename and function name, the filename wins; however, the matlab editor will give a warning about any such inconsistency.) You cannot create functions within script files (except for anonymous functions discussed below).function [output1 ,output2, output3] = myfunction(input1, input2)Within the function, you can use the inputs as local variables and you must assign values to each of the outputs before the function terminates, (at least those that will be assigned by the caller of the function). As we mentioned, Matlab commands are executed either at the command prompt or by running scripts or functions, which can be created and edited with the built in editor.

However, some functions can be executed as 'infix' operators like ' ', or with their own special syntax as with the concatenation function, [ ].

Try dragging them around to different places to see the effect.

This can help organize your code into logical sections.

You can also evaluate cells one at a time by selecting the evaluate cell button at the top of the editor.

Its worth taking the time to organize your layout effectively before you begin working.

We call a function we have written just like any other built-in matlab function.

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Certain constructs like for loops and functions can be folded, hiding all but the top line from view.

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