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let's say they don't have a lot of income but when they give you a gift they did their best with thought, or the field that the men or women enter into can reveal their character too.

I don't know what '.all that' is if you could explain.

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There could be a whole lot of features regarding a man, which may seem attractive to a woman.

Everywhere is love you just need to take a look for this. The internet has seen an explosion of sites out there that .

PNW Love is a dating, relationship, and friendship community for the Pacific Northwest!

Well to comment on this, not all women r like that and there r also men who like the shorter than they are women, v-shaped torso which I wouldn't exactly call it a v but I know what you're talking about and the ability to socialize/connect and the good college or university degree but you can always find like-minded people.

And there are women who look at the true kindness more than anything else and let's say the guy didn't have a job, it doesn't mean they're not loved, it's just that how r you going to function you would just have to be on disability benefits so what?

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