Did brad pitt angelina start dating

War is hell, and so, to a lesser degree, are war movies.

On the set of Fury, which follows an American tank crew through the wreckage of northern Germany in the final days of the Second World War, the actors – among them Brad Pitt and Shia La Beouf – heckled, strangled and swung punches at each other during filming.

“One of the things that impressed us was their willingness to bend our arm, as nicely as possible, to get the assets off us to make this film as accurate as they could make it,” he says.

The night before shooting the actors slept on top of the tank.

“I think we all fell in love with the Fury,” says Ayer. In this case they would just go inside the tank and hang out and spend time among themselves.

But after months of living with them, Ayer says, “you discover that these machines have a soul, in a way.

And you can understand why tank crews fall in love with them.

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