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I’ll be frank – you’re going to have to show off your figure. The point is to show yourself exactly as you’ll look when you arrive on the first date.

It’s become suspicious to never reveal a photo showing anything beyond the shoulders. The main reason first dates don’t turn into second dates is “unmet expectations”. So show yourself as you are – you’ll have lost nothing!

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* This service is designed to be used with all major dating websites (including, but not limited to Ok Cupid, e Harmony,, etc.).

If you are looking for help with a dating app only, make sure to check out that specific service here.

Keep your profile positive and you soon will be attracting all sorts of potential partners.But most online dating sites reduce potential dates to just a static image. Let’s explore the most successful types of pictures, namely: headshots, interesting activities and body shots.For everyone, the next photo should be you engaged in an interesting activity, something people can talk about. They’re different, spark people’s interest and catch the eye. Smiling headshots can be attractive but it’s not exactly a conversation-starter. Guys should not use the word "curvy" to describe yourself.Using the right photo is the easiest way to attract the right people. So spend 80% of your time on getting the photographs right and 20% on writing your profile.

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  1. If she’s enjoying herself in your company (it doesn’t really take that much), she might voluntarily miss her last train or agree to come for “Just one drink.” If it’s after last train time (ish), then most people are out for good.