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Waking up without a hangover for a whole week seems enough at times to make you want to jump out of bed and shout “Wow, this is great! ” As the months go by, there are other benefits of being sober which is why I wanted to write an updated post. Being sober for a period of time will lead you to do one of two things. In my opinion, creation is the only successful route to take.You will either get very depressed and unable to accept this dramatic change to your lifestyle, which will lead you back to alcohol. When you create something and get in touch with your creative side, you will begin to feel passion and purpose, this is essential in your sobriety.If you find anything inappropriate, please inform our Webmaster and he will remove the story immediately.

There is absolutely nothing real and everything written is purely fictional.

Writing and doing research for Recovery Princess has been a huge benefit of being sober because is allowing me to explore my creative side. Read about subjects that interest you, work on creating a different lifestyle.

The more you do this, the more of a good habit it will become.

(FF, dog) Abandoned Doggy Part 2 - by Prachi - We had gone for a drive when we encountered an abandoned doggy.

He had fucked us both but then Roshni left me, bound and gagged, and disappeared with my car while I was fucking the dog.

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It is very difficult to put in words what I was feeling at that time.

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  1. Some did not realise that the research was false and said “the industry was crawling with psychopaths”, while those who recognised it as fiction said “if it had been done for real, these would have been the findings”. Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

  2. This involved deep discussions, and by the time we had a date to move to Kenya, to take up a post north of Mombasa, under the guidance of another Kenyan pastor called Moses.